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Jan 21, 2020

Chiara is an Italian artist who combines photography and painting in aesthetics that resembles the photography of the XIX century. Following her passion for painting, Chiara uses watercolour to complete her oeuvres after printing the B&W images. In her minimal compositions we can appreciate a careful meditation of the scenes in order to reveal a particular message. A message that is partially revealed by our imagination and partially by what we see.

am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please introduce yourself for us?

CD - I'm a film photographer based in Italy. I grew up in northern Italy and studied design in Florence.  At the moment I'm working as interior and product designer in my hometown Bologna, in northern Italy.


am - How did you start in photography?

CD - My first love has been painting and I was interested in this activity since I was a little child. Growing up I discovered photography, finding an old 35mm Nikon camera of my father.


am - What inspires your work?

CD - Music, an art exhibition or also a movie with a seductive plot or soundtrack.

am - What are the main techniques that you use, do you paint your images by hand?

CD - During these years I developed my technique with analog photography, trying to combine film photography with my past as painter. My process is completely analog and manual. I always use 120 film twin lens cameras with B&W Ilford films and after the development and printing of the photo I start to hand-painting it with watercolors.


am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists?

CD - Sarah Moon, Tina Modotti and above all Julia Margaret Cameron. I also particularly love the works of Maya Deren.


am - What is your favourite movie?

CD - I love all the aesthetics of David Lynch.


am - What is your favourite photo book?

CD - I don't have one in particular, but I have a lot of art books that I periodically open and search for a divine inspiration.


am - Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to analog magazine.

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