Elise Corten · Warmer than the Sun

Dec 12, 2019

Elise is a young Belgian photographer who bases her practice on everyday life and personal photography, documenting her life and that of the people who surround her. In her series "Warmer than the Sun", Elise explores her relationship with her mother, in an attempt to discover the real person that lies beneath the mother's role. With a minimal and contemplative approach, Elise's images are simple but powerful, inviting us to see beyond the surface and reflect about our personal relationships with our own families.

am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please introduce yourself for us?

EC - My name is Elise Corten, I am a photographer based in Belgium. Initially I studied theatre, therefore I only discovered photography when I was 20. It all started with a little point and shoot. Quite quickly I understood I had a real love for photography. I am currently finishing my visual arts masters degree. For the moment I am working on personal projects, my thesis and taking portrait commissions.


am - What inspires your work?

EC - It can be anything. I read a lot, take long walks, watch movies, and usually I’m inspired by certain questions that I don’t have an answer to. It’s simple things.


am - What is “Warmer than the Sun” about?

EC - These photographs portray my mother’s willingness to reveal herself regarding emotional and physical changes. By depicting her daily rituals, I look into who she is, not only as a mother but as a person. I think it’s about connection, a certain distance and coming to terms with aging and a transforming mother-daughter relationship.

am - What are your main interests as an artist?

EC - To seek connection and learn something in the process.


am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists?

EC - There are lots of artists that I find inspiring. To name a few: Elinor Carucci, Duane Michals, Larry Sultan, Sophie Calle, Sally Mann, …

am - What’s your favourite movie?

EC - "The Dreamers" by Bernardo Bertolucci. And "Wings of Desire" by Wim Wenders.


am - What is your favourite photo book?

EC - "Pictures From Home" by Larry Sultan and "Closer" by Elinor Carucci.


am - Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to analog magazine.

EC - Thanks for having me.

All images © Elise Corten

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