Photography by Matthias Leberle

Sep 16, 2015

Matthias is a 36 years young electrical R&D specialist and self-taught photographer currently based in Kassel, Germany. His exceptional photographic work focuses on portraiture and depicting human emotions: “Most of my work is about the human being in all its facettes, states of mind, etc. and thus in most of my photos a human being can be seen so the viewer can identify with. Sometimes it is also about a kind of dialogue between the portrayed person and the viewer. Sometimes it is also a memory of a person I had the chance to meet or a long-time friend, in which case it can get really personal.”


Matthias is inspired by nature, movies, music and certain events or situations that himself or other people are experiencing. Additionally curiosity and experimentation are main drives for his creative work: “Sometimes it is also curiosity [that inspires my work]. How something will look like when photographed with a certain type of film / lens / camera format / lighting situation? So I guess I also like to experiment with these different types of camera gear although I know this should always be considered as the least important part when taking a photograph that lasts.”

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